WELCOME to Gregg Kervill's Community Library - GKCL
I created the original GKCL web site in 1993; the year that Digital Corporation began its final death-throes.

Like many other engineers, I became unemployed in the middle of my career and during a recession.

applied for dozens of jobs, but after 6 months I had not even a single interview.

It was a terribly depressing time and defied logic. I had designed products for Space, Military, Consumer and Industrial applications. I had practical, hands-on, experience in UL Listing and CSA Certification and the new "CE-Marking" regulations just coming out of the European Union.

So, if companies couldn't afford to employ me I reasoned they might be able to hire me for a single Project, or by the day, and so, like other unemployable engineers I called myself "a Consultant" (which also sounds better than unemployed). I created GK Consultants Ltd.

And so,  www.GKCL.com was born: and the rest - as they say - is history...

During those early consultancy years I had enormous help from three, extremely kind, and wonderful individuals who shared their history and their experience.

Those mentors helped me focus on the key elements of creating a successful business. They helped me see opportunities where I saw only despair; they helped me to focus on the real priorities (an incredibly difficult task when working alone), to find the confidence that school-bullies, and dyslexia, had driven from me. Without those wonderful individuals, my life would have been very different.

My mentors are no longer with us, and so, I honor them by passing-on, and sharing, my skills and knowledge with those beginning their studies and careers.

Gregg Kervill