IN DEVELOPMENT - WIP - how you can help and  get  E-books "for free"
This is the list of my Work In Progress ( WIP), if you want something listed below PLEASE email me so I can prioritize my work, and in return I will email you when the book is about to be released so you can get the eBook for free. (See explanation in RED.)
For Students:
       a)   Reduce their Education Costs
  -  IN DEVELOPMENT  - Working title  "Education - buy only what you need"
       b)   Plan their Career
  -  IN DEVELOPMENT  - Working title -  "What do I want to be?"
       c)   Plan their Future Life-style
  -  IN DEVELOPMENT  - Working title  -  "Will I Choose to be RICH or POOR?"

For Engineers and Engineering Students:
        a)   Update and Rerelease The Practical Guide to Electrical Product Safety - not starte
- Working title  "PG2EPS"
        b)   Update and release  NARTE Study Guide for Product Safety Engineers  - not started
- Working title  "NARTE Study Guide"
        c)   Publish 800 Q&A's to prepare engineers for the NARTE Examination of Product Safety Engineer - not started - "NARTE Q&A"
        d)  Upen to Suggestions....

For Hobbyists:
          a)   Soldering tips to avoid the most common assembly faults - not started - Working title "Reliable Soldering"
           b)  Open to suggestions...


Other 'soft'  topics include:?
           a)   Getting a Job - IN DEVELOPMENT  - Working title "So, What have you got to say?"
Time Management - not started -
           c)   Open to suggestions...

PLEASE - check out books IN "DEVELOPMENT" - and email me to send you advance notice when books are released.

I ALWAYS release books FREE OF CHARGE for a few days before they go on general release. 

I use your emails to set priority to finish books that are in high demand - so I help those that help me by telling them when books are free.