ABOUT - The New Purpose of GKCL
The new purpose of GKCL is to help:
Students to:
       a)   Reduce their Education Costs
       b)   Plan their Career
       c)   Plan their Future Life-style

Engineers to:
        a)   Increase their Knowledge and their Value to their employer
        b)   Understand Regulatory Compliance
        c)   Avoid the most common Product 
                Safety design failures

Hobbyists  to:
          a)   Protect themselves, their families and friends
           b)  Eliminate electrical hazards from their projects
           c)   Improve the reliability of their design
           d)   Soldering tips to avoid the most common assembly faults

Other non-Technical topics include:?
           a)   Living with Dyslexia - 1 in 5 of us enjoy the benefits of dyslexia, creativity, processing information
                 and other tremendous advantages that others don't have and will NEVER understand. - availible now
Getting a Job - in development
           c)   Time Management - not started